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Board of Directors Qualifications
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Board of Directors Qualifications

The criteria for eligibility for a seat on the Board of Directors are:

  • Five (5) years of experience in conference and/or events management at an institution of higher education; 
  • Nominee must be a member of ACCED-I and have at least two (2) years combined ACCED-I leadership experience as a regional director, regional director-elect, standing committee chair, ad hoc committee chair, project team chair, action team chair, or conference hospitality chair; 
  • Institutional support (including release time and travel expenses to the Annual Conference) to participate in two Board meetings each year and a Board retreat every other year;
  • Willingness to serve as a board liaison to action teams, regions and represent ACCED-I as requested;
  • Commitment to attend the board orientation program prior to the Annual Conference and pre and post conference board meetings. (Please note: board members are expected to cover expenses associated with the Annual Conference, including board meetings both pre and post conference. ACCED-I will cover all costs associated with attendance at the fall board meeting.);
  • Any person serving as a Director must be a voting representative of an institutional or individual member category and shall be a member in good standing.

The ACCED-I By-Laws do not preclude any professional member of the Association, including current and past directors, from being nominated or nominating him/herself However, directors may not succeed themselves in the same capacity more than once. According to the ACCED-I Bylaws, corporate members are not eligible to hold leadership positions as Regional Leaders, Action Team Chairs, or Members of the Board of Directors.