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Conference & Event Logistics

Thursday, October 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Conference & Event Logistics Educational Forum
November 16-17, 2017
American University
Washington D.C.


Presence Matters: You Must Be Present to Win!
Presented by: Paul O. Radde, Ph.D, The Thrival Institute

How many people do you see daily who are truly present? Are you? Learn how to show up and really be present. Gain satisfaction and fulfillment. Manage overwhelm, burnout and mental lapses. Explore three (3) steps to the Thrival state - the richest experience of your life. Capture three (3) factors you do control: practices, thoughts, and innertude TM. Elevate your quality of life and professionalism.

Consider the peak moments you have experienced in your life. They probably consisted of a high degree of presence, satisfaction and fulfillment. What if you could reliably reproduce a richer experience of your life on a daily basis? How would that affect you and benefit those with whom you work and live? Your experience can elevate us all. Explore a three step process to reaching the Thrival! state - the richest experience of your life, plus 3 factors which you do control:  practices, thoughts and InnertudeTM. Collect tips, tools and techniques that will raise your quality of your life and service to others.
Learning Objectives: 

  • Contrast direct self-acceptance with self-esteem & self-care
  • Establish 3 essential benefits of Presence with techniques to sustain it 
  • Discover 3 Thrival Factors You Do Control -  Practices, Thoughts & Innertude TM


When is the Best Time to Get Your Event Technology Management (ETM) Partner Involved?

Presented by: Maureen Dee, Account Manager and Jason Showers, Vice President of Productions, Advanced Staging Productions

When should you call your audio visual (AV) company to manage your event? What are the essential planning steps to help make your event successful?  How will your event look in your real world environment?  In this session you will be introduced to the key benefits of Event Pre-visualization, get familiar with some of the software packages available and become versed enough with the terminology to begin working with your Event Technology Partner on visualizing your next event.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about an approach to event production that simply delivers more for clients than typical AV companies; ETM is a collaborative process that begins with the goal of the event in mind and drives toward achieving that objective in the most efficient and effective way possible
  • Understand some of the software packages and be able to have an intelligent dialogue with your ETM partner about how to a produce concept renderings and accurate models for Pre-visualization
  • Leave with the knowledge of changing your AV company from a commodity to an Event Technology Management Partner


Making Memorable Moments: Where to Start and How to Afford Them

Presented by: Michele Eicher Whiteside, Director of Advancement Events, University of Mary Washington

In a world of collegiate events where the mantra is “we’ve always done it like that,” how can we keep things interesting and current without breaking the bank. In this session we will

discuss ways to watch the current trends in events, from keeping a Pinterest board to attending industry conferences. Decide the best methods for generating new ideas for your

annual events that might be different than the previous year. At the same time understanding that change can be difficult for both those who are planning the event and those attending. We will discuss how to develop relationships with campus partners to assist in maximizing your small events budget. As well as finding community partners and

vendors who are willing to negotiate, because when your event is amazing…they look amazing. As a group we will develop tips and tricks on how to envision décor, craft food and drink ideas, discover the latest talent, shop around for the best deals, finagle return policies and in the end prove ourselves to be an indispensable event expert.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify resources to use in watching trends in food, décor and entertainment
  • Discover tips on creating maximum impact with minimal budget
  • Develop tips and tricks for staying fresh in a “wash and repeat” event culture


Meeting Architecture  -  An Immersion Experience to Forge Relationships & Boost Audience Dynamics 

Presented by: Paul O. Radde, Ph.D, The Thrival Institute

How does the audience experience the room sets you provide? How do you improve that experience immediately? Learn three principles to design, troubleshoot, and set any meeting space. Increase your own “authority” as a meeting planner or event facilitator. Boost audience dynamics, ability to see and hear, comfort, safety, access, and even capacity. Experience three (3) demonstrations that illuminate the problem with straight rows, chevron, rounds and small meeting sets. Then capture viable alternatives to these bad sets, to facilitate audience enjoyment, learning, and networking. You will never look at a meeting space in the same way. Capture quick ways of providing access to middle of row chairs, setting up the room last minute, using seating as an ice breaker. Learn the latest in optimizing learning environments. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop professional authority based on your experience of three (3) demonstrated setups to increase engagement and improve the learning environment
  • Learn three (3) basic principles with which to design, troubleshoot and set a meeting space
  • Develop viable, immediately implementable learning environment designs to apply in meetings, seminars, and banquet/meeting setups