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Kick Off a New Year of Learning with Institutional Events

Friday, November 9, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Kick off the new year by joining your colleagues at the Institutional Events Educational Forum January 17-18 at the University of Texas El Paso in El Paso, TX. If your primary focus is events, this forum should not be missed!

The opening session, That’s a GREAT Idea! But it Won’t Work, will be presented by: Kim Garcia, Senior Director, Development Special Events, Duke University. Kim will discuss the importance of objectivity with events. When do you leave your personal feelings at the door?  When do you abandon an idea, whether long established or something new you want to see to its conclusion? All ideas have merit but not all are the right ideas at the right time. We will discuss the assessment process for ideas and its impact on your bottom line.  Also covered will be learning who really needs to be involved in the decision-making process and how to establish a cohesive team working towards the same goal.     

Tanya Ridpath, Director of Community Programs at Roanoke College will present Managing Controversial Speakers with Confidence. The session will cover Tanya's experiences working with a skilled and experienced team to execute campus events with high profile and sometimes controversial speakers, such as Marco Rubio, Chelsea Clinton, Tim Kaine, Amanda Knox, and James Clapper. The session will cover how to be prepared, even before you know someone in the spotlight is coming to your campus. What to do when your professor invites (insert controversial name here) and how to deal with potential threats, as well as the ever-widening opposing public opinions. The presenter will share from her personal experience of being publicly vilified on the internet by a controversial speaker’s adversaries.

New buildings and dedications are a constant on college and university campuses. How can you keep these events fresh and memorable? Lynn Wilk, Director of Executive Events, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, will present Cutting Out the Ribbon Cutting: Constructing Better Dedication, Grand Opening and Ground-breaking Events. In this session, you'll learn how to create better dedication, grand opening, and ground-breaking events on your campus that communicate a clear message about your university and its newest asset. Delve deep into the planning, designing, and messaging process by examining case studies of events that left attendees with lasting memories. Leave this session with an innovative mindset and the creative tools needed to put those giant scissors into storage for good. 

Margene Weiss, CCEP, Director, Special Events, Daemen College, will present Importance of Events in Developing Institutional Relationships. Special events professionals are increasingly visible, working with strategic institutional events at all levels. Events professionals need to understand 4 different types of events, (signature, fundraising, “feel good” and motivational), and their importance to the overall strategy of building institutional relationships. Events should be part of an overall plan; you need to keep the end goal in mind. When you host an institutional special event, know what you are aiming for and be clear about the goals of the event.  Events expertise can help guarantee success...whether an academic Convocation, an Advancement Scholarship Gala or an ambitious Presidential Inauguration. Tailored to attendees, this session will then focus on specific events in more detail.


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