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Take Advantage of the Internet

Monday, May 13, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Derrick Palms, Kennesaw State University
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Every college student and young professionals least favorite question is: What are your plans/What do you want to do? This question is always asked and people in their 20s fear they will be judged for their answers. Everyone believes they need to have everything figured out. They utilize the internet day in and day out comparing oneself to others on social media.

Young professionals should dedicate their online time to e-Learning. One of the most influential people to learn from is Gary Vaynerchuck himself. He provides so much insight and wisdom for free, and does not sugarcoat anything. He takes all the glam people may see on the internet and makes it real.

One very impactful article is “What to do after you Graduate College” He discusses that this is the time of your life to take risks and find what you like and learn new things.

The great benefit to being a young professional and an ACCED-I member is these resources are provided to you at no additional charge. There as an entire library filled will countless amounts of resources related to the events world. Anything from basic information and industry terms to more top-level information such as policies and structure, anyone can spend a few moments in the e-learning world and absorb so much information about our industry to help in your career goals.

We all get caught in the same routine of swiping on our phones all day whether it is Instagram and Facebook, or watching YouTube videos, I myself am very guilty. I have made it a point to dedicate a certain portion of my day I would waste on social media, to be positively impactful with e-learning.

As Gary Vee says “Time is the number one asset and now is when you have the most flexibility to use it.” ACCED-I looks to help you follow this mantra by providing countless amounts of information and resources through not only their e-library, but also through its members. We want to help each other receive. We are each other’s people. Take the time to invest in yourself and learn through the infinite amounts of e-learning opportunities the internet has available.

    Derrick Palms is Event Coordinator of Camps, Conferences, & Business Development at Kennesaw State University in Marietta, GA. He can be reached at (470) 578-6448 or