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What’s New With CCEP? Revised Workbook, Recertification, and CCEP Emeritus, Oh My!

Thursday, November 7, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erica Spencer, CCEP Action Team Chair
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The Collegiate Conference and Events Professional (CCEP) certification Action Team is mindful of keeping ACCED-I’s certification program current, and the committee wants to ensure that the achievement of certification contributes to advancing the profession.  To that end, the Action Team spent the past year reviewing every question in the workbook to align with the new Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education on Conference and Event Programs (CAS standards), releasing the revised CCEP workbook within two months of the publication of the new CAS standards.  Additionally, every workbook question was thoughtfully considered from a lens of diversity, inclusion, industry perspective, and international applicability.  It was vitally important to the Action Team that the CCEP workbook reflect today’s reality of campus life, in addition to aligning to CAS standards.

Ask any current CCEP, and they’ll likely tell you about their personal struggles and successes with completing the workbook “essay exam” portion of the CCEP certification program.  The answers to workbook questions often reflect personal expertise on a particular subject on the part of the candidate, or represent the opportunity for the candidate to learn new skills.  Completing the workbook is often cited as the most difficult part of the CCEP certification program requirements, because of the thoughtful insights gained through the completion of the questions.  The good news about the CCEP recertification is that competing the workbook again is NOT part of the requirements!

Wait, did you say recertification?  Yes, that’s part of the CCEP program, too, and all current CCEP designees who were recognized prior to or at the 37th Annual Conference in Orlando in March 2017 will need to recertify before March 31, 2020.  If you are unsure when your recertification is due, simply log onto your member profile on the ACCED-I website and check out your CCEP expiration date – it’s listed under Content & Features, then Professional Development.  Every hospitality industry certification also contains a recertification process, as keeping current with the industry is every professional’s responsibility.  The CCEP recertification process is an opportunity for collegiate events professionals to demonstrate their continued commitment to education, experience, and service to the industry.

Don’t worry - there is still plenty of time for current CCEP designees to complete activities required for recertification!  Educational hours can be achieved at the remaining Education Forums, Annual Conference, Regional Drive-Ins with presentations, or by downloading and watching ACCED-I recorded web conferences.  Action teams are always looking for volunteers.  There are many options for professional endeavors, some of which might have already been completed during the past 3-years and only need to be submitted for credit.  As the old CCEP tag-line said, “You might be half way there and don’t realize it!”  Recertifying as a CCEP means designees continue to be a credible voice about current issues in collegiate events as well as the broader hospitality industry.

Finally, the CCEP Action Team wants to recognize the newest CCEP Emeritus.  Margene Weiss, CCEP, Action Team Chair for many years and instrumental in the continuation of the CCEP program, joins Gerry Becker, CCEP, as the second CCEP Emeritus.  Even in retirement, Margene continues to be a vital part of the CCEP Action Team, and brings amazing historical perspective to all our discussions.  Congratulations, Margene, and we look forward to many more years of your wise insights!