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CAS Council – Setting the Standards for Universities: Notes from My First Board Meeting

Friday, January 24, 2020   (1 Comments)
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CAS Council – Setting the Standards for Universities:

Notes from My First Board Meeting

By Kathy Walters, CMP, CCEP


As I embarked on my journey to attend my first CAS Council Board Meeting in Alexandria, Virginia I was given a set of tasks to complete in the months before the onsite meeting.  To prepare for the onsite meeting, all the members are asked to review many documents that would be discussed onsite so that we were ready for discussion as needed.  Some of these included selection of possible new member associations, budgets, and standards that were up for review. The Board had a series of conference calls to accomplish these tasks.


As we moved through these calls, I found myself getting very familiar with the academic jargon used in the standards and the precise process that must take place for this council to function.  It was a strange new world that was oddly very comfortable to me as I have always been a grammar queen and process-lover. Even if I was unfamiliar with the area that needed a review of their standards, I felt at home making sure the language used was grammatically correct.


As a newcomer to the council, I was welcomed with specialized training and additional conference calls.  We worked through what my responsibilities would be and discussed areas where I could be of more service.


Once onsite, the meeting was run in a very orderly and efficient manner.  We were given time to ‘break the ice’ with each other so that we could become familiar with all the varied backgrounds and institutions that were represented.  I made some very valuable contacts who I have been able to reach out to for valuable assistance. In the meeting we accomplished the tasks of approving 5 new sets of functional area standards, approved appointments to new standards committees, and opened discussion on some new areas that the CAS council may want to explore in the future.


Overall, I feel this was a very valuable opportunity to me in several ways. First, I learned a lot about how the standards are used in many areas across a University campus – this was eye-opening because of the number of areas that are touched by CAS Standards.   Second, I made great contacts to utilize in my university work life for issues that we are facing on a daily or long-term basis. Lastly, I was able to represent a very important organization, ACCED-I, and lend my expertise as needed to the various discussions we had in council.  I even gave advice on some ‘conference-planning’ issues that occurred onsite!  I want to thank ACCED-I for allowing me this opportunity and look forward to the upcoming CAS meetings to broaden my horizons even more.


Jim Hodges, Duke University says...
Posted Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Great summary - glad you have taken on this challenge representing us to CAS. JIM