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The Ohio Union at The Ohio State University – A Decade in Review

Friday, February 28, 2020   (0 Comments)
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The Ohio Union at The Ohio State University – A Decade in Review

Each December, it seems everyone marks the turning of the calendar with an end-of-year recap of some sort. When that year ends with a “9,” most of those lists expand to a full decade in review. Many of those reviews compare to the decade previous, so that you know just how interesting the 2010s were, and how they stack up to the 00s, 90s, or beyond. For the Ohio Union, we are closing in on our very first complete decade, at least in the current building we all call home!

In the spirit of reflection, here’s just a sample of what’s been going on since we first opened our doors on March 29, 2010:

-       Over 200,000 meetings, events, programs, and practices have taken place in rooms throughout the union!

-       Nearly 9,000 people per day visit the union. That’s the same as the entire student population of the Columbus campus stopping at the union at least once each week.

-       The list of distinguished guests to spend time in the union grows seemingly every month. From a concert on day three, featuring an up and coming country star named Blake Shelton, to Women’s World Cup Champion and World’s Best Player Megan Rapinoe this past November, we’ve seen a parade of political dignitaries, media stars, and authors. We’ve even welcomed a sitting US President, a Vice President or two, and a growing number of presidential candidates.

-       In keeping with Ohio State tradition, we’ve had our share of trophies on display too. You probably know we are home to one of Archie Griffin’s two Heisman trophies, but did you know that we have also hosted the Stanley Cup, the College Football Playoff trophy, and the PGA Tour President’s Cup, just to name a few?

-       If you think that list is out of this world, we do too! In fact, we have taken our event skills to new heights, when we communicated with the International Space Station in celebration of John Glenn’s historic orbit of the earth.

The student union continues to be the gathering place for students past, present, and future, and for our University and community guests. In the next 10 years and beyond, we look forward to being the place that connects everyone to our timeless traditions, storied past, and bright futures.


Jeff Pelletier,                                                               Karen Narciwz

Director, Ohio Union Events and Operations    Director, Ohio Union Conference and Business Development