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Region 3
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Region 3 serves collegiate conference and events professionals in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Northwest Territories, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Ontario and Saskatchewan.


Connect with Region 3 



What's Happening Around the Region

Congratulations to Ashley (Clement) Zingo, CCEP, Director of Event Services, University of Notre Dame, who was elected to serve as Regional Director-Elect for Region 3. She will being her term during the ACCED-I 38th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN March 18 - 21, 2018. 


Zemore is Region 3 Scholarship Recipient!
Congratulations to Pam Zemore, CCEP, on receiving the Region 3 Scholarship to attend the ACCED-I 38th Annual Conference! Pam is the Community Relations Specialist at University of Michigan-Flint, where she works on sponsorships and partnerships for community projects and initiatives. Pam is looking forward to all the conference experiences—she doesn’t want to miss anything! We are excited to see Pam in Minneapolis, and hope all our Region 3 members can join us this March!

Recognizing Member Achievements - Big and Small
We know our members do incredible things every day. This year, we want to recognize these accomplishments! Our Region 3 committee has created an online form to recognize member achievements, large and small. 
Click here to applaud a fellow member’s event, honor a colleague’s hard work, or celebrate an institution’s achievement. We’ll send a congratulations note and you may also see it pop up in future Connect issues or Facebook posts. Help us share in each other’s accomplishments and show why we are #r3supreme! 

IWU Continues Act of Caring
Memories from the ACCED-I Annual Conference remain strong!  During a recent summer cleaning, Illinois Wesleyan University’s Conference Services decided to get rid of unused and older blankets in their linen inventory.  In honor of this year’s Act of Caring, the staff decided to donate the blankets to a local animal shelter.  The staff delivered over 200 blankets (4 car loads!) to the shelter, and the blankets will be used to help the dogs and cats feel more comfortable in their new home.


Hi Region 3 Members,

We hope that you are all surviving the summer. Back in March at the ACCED-I Annual Conference, Region 3 attendees had suggested we create a survey to collect your thoughts on what opportunities and activities regional members wished to see this coming year. Please click on the link below and fill out the questionnaire by August 11th.

ACCED-I Region 3 Survey (2017)

Thank you all for your time & good luck with the rest of the summer season!!


Michelle Wu
Region 3 Director

Nick Capul
Region 3 Director-Elect

Giving Back to Region 3 and ACCED-I
As you’ve heard us discuss before, ACCED-I is largely run by members like you. A critical part of our success—serving the collegiate conference and event field—is the dedication of our member base. That is why I am inviting—and encouraging—all members to take a moment and consider volunteering for ACCED-I. Think about what it is you want from ACCED-I—education, connections, support? We can only achieve your goals through a team effort, with each of us contributing a little to increase the power of the whole. We can only be as great an organization as YOU make us. more

Watch for Upcoming Survey
Region 3 Leadership will be sending members a quick survey on what type of experiences they would like and would be able to participate in over the next year.  Be on the look out and input will be much appreciated.

January 2017 Newsletter

Member Highlights

We featured Kristen Willert, Associate Director at The Conference Center at Saginaw Valley State University, as our Facebook Member Highlight.  Head to ACCED-I Region 3 to check it out.

Tony Rathgeber, Assistant Director for Conference Services at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, mentioned that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently won two Best of Awards from Unique Venues. One was for Best Marketing Collateral and the other was for Best Print Ad. “Our tagline is ‘exceptional made simple,’ and so our goal was to communicate to meeting planners the three main services we offer—eat, meet, sleep—in a very straightforward manner,” says Tony Rathgeber, conference services and events manager, of a print ad and coordinating marketing collateral push. “Life in Nebraska is simple. It’s easy to get here, there aren’t crowds, people are incredibly friendly, and costs are low,” he furthers. 

“And in the same way we’ve worked hard to be a full-service venue with streamlined processes that can handle all aspects of an event on campus. We wanted a campaign to reflect that.”  For the full article click here.

New Members

A big Region 3 welcome to the following new members:

Avis L. Soderstrom, Director of Conference and Event Services at Bethel University

Beth Alexander, Director of University Events at Butler University

Ms. Jerri Van Horn, Director of Event Services at Doane University

Rita Gustafson, Manager, Conference Services and Campus Scheduling at Augustana College

Sabrina Behr, Associate Director of Conferences, Camps & Events at St. Olaf College

Fall Networking Drive-In

More than 30 professionals from Region 3 enjoyed a networking drive-in hosted at Carroll University on November 29, 2016.  In addition to the opportunity to reacquaint with long-time members and meet new colleagues, attendees participated in a campus tour, roundtables, and complimentary lunch provided by Carroll University Dining Services.  The group discussed topics including commencement ceremony logistics, partnering with community organizations, FLSA compliance, utilization of scheduling software, student worker supervision, and general operational best practices.

Many attendees expressed their appreciation for ACCED-I events such as the drive-in and were excited for continued engagement with their peers at future activities.  Organizers Donna Wells from Marquette University and Matthew Olson from Carroll University were pleased with the attendance as well as the enthusiasm displayed during the gathering.  Future ACCED-I events such as the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL and Educational Forums throughout the country were highlighted as great opportunities for continued involvement.

Host a Drive-In!

Did you enjoy reading about the Carroll drive-in?  Does it make you wish you lived there so you could have attended?  Our networking doesn’t stop at Carroll!  We are looking for a few institutions to help host our spring drive-ins.  If you are interested, please contact Heather ( or Michelle (!  Drive-ins are flexible events—they can be half days or full days, topic specific or general interest, and held by one or more institutions.  Email Heather and Michelle today and they will work with you to bring colleagues together for an awesome educational and networking experience!

November 2016 Newsletter

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!” – Mary Poppins
A note from our New Regional Director-Elect, Nick Capul

University Conference Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
ACCED-I Member since 2011
Favorite Thing about ACCED-I:  It's nice to have the ear & support of so many like-minded and experienced professionals.  No matter what issue you're dealing with, you can go to your colleagues and they will have great advice & guidance for you.
History in Profession:  I started as a front desk receptionist working at the University of Michigan Conference Management Services. After a couple years, I was promoted to conference assistant for CMS working on athletic & engineering summer camps.  From there, I spent 6 wonderful years as an event coordinator for the University of Michigan University Unions, specifically at the Michigan League. In 2010, I moved to Milwaukee to become a University Conference Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
5 Fun Facts:
1. I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Go Yoopers!
2. Dream Vacation: Take the Oriental Express train from London to Venice.  
3. Most Exciting Event worked on:  The 2016 PBS News Hour Democratic Presidential Debate
4. Strangest thing I've done for an event:  Accommodated a wedding where the best man was a dog
5. I check out event logistics at any event I'm at, even if I'm a guest at the event.

We Need You! Volunteer Opportunities with Region 3

There are a variety of ways to get involved with Region 3. Each area will work closely with the regional leadership to accomplish a variety of tasks and better serve the membership. Please indicate what areas you would consider assisting with.


Region 3 Leadership

 Regional Director Regional Director-Elect  
Michelle Wu, CCEP
Director of Conference Services
Illinois Wesleyan University
(309) 556-3591

Nick Capul
University Conference Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Student Union
(414) 229-2469