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Annual Conference Scholarships
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iD Tech and each of the ACCED-I regions are pleased to offer the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend the ACCED-I 39th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on March 24-27, 2019.
The scholarships sponsored by iD Tech represent their support for associations that advocate for member education and best practices.
A maximum of five iD Tech scholarships will be awarded and one scholarship per region. Individuals are limited to ONE ACCED-I/Corporate sponsored or regional scholarship during their ACCED-I membership. Scholarships are non-transferable and are available only to members of the Association in good standing.
Scholarship Criteria:
  • Scholarship awards are for one full registration
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for all other related expenses
  • Applicants must be a current ACCED-I member in good standing
  • Scholarships are awarded based upon the following priorities:
    - Financial need
    - Service to the Association
    - Service to the profession

Deadline to apply is November 2, 2018

Any applicant who is not granted a regional scholarship will automatically be entered in the iD Tech Annual Scholarship applicant pool if you have not received one in the past. You do not need to submit another application.

If you have questions, please contact us at

I understand that the basis for the scholarship is financial need. I hereby apply to ACCED-I for a scholarship based upon the inability of my institution to pay conference registration fees. I understand that the scholarship pays only for my personal registration fees and is non-transferable to any other professional development opportunity, including future Annual Conferences. I understand that I am limited to one regional scholarship and one ACCED-I Annual Conference scholarship during my ACCED-I membership. I agree that I meet all the guidelines for application. I understand that if I am a recipient of a scholarship I am expected to volunteer at the Annual Conference.

Three letters of recommendation are also required in addition to your application. Please upload those with your application. Each recommendation letter should be limited to only one page in length and include:
1) What their relationship is to you and for how long they have known you
2) What qualities they believe you bring to your position, the industry and/or the Association
3) What makes you, in their opinion, deserving of the scholarship