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40th Annual Conference Act of Caring
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ACCED-I is happy to support this year’s Act of Caring, the Community Cupboard Food Pantry at Rhode Island School of Design.

The mission of the Community Cupboard Food Pantry is to aid in filling the gap that food insecure students, staff, and faculty may experience at Rhode Island School of Design. Through this new model of food pantry, we hope to engage the community and provide them with an opportunity to help those in need. Community Cupboard will be sustained initially by a portion of RISD Dining’s revenue. Dining Services will work collaboratively with RISD staff counsel to maintain a constant supply of basic shelf stable items, and also invite faculty, staff, and students to donate additional items as they wish. All student donations can be made at our dining venues through our existing point of sale systems, which gives interested students a convenient way to help sustain the food pantry. All donations go directly to the Community Cupboard, which will be run and maintained by RISD staff members. Any excess beyond capacity of our facility will go directly to the RI food Bank. It is our hope that by providing a space and the initial goods to the pantry we will be able to not only serve the food insecure, but give our students a valuable learning experience in compassion and giving.

Donations of cash, Visa/Amex gift cards and/or non-perishable items will be accepted on-site at the hospitality table.


Non-Perishable Items Needed

Canned meats + fish

Canned vegetables

Canned fruits


Pastas + noodles

Rice + grains

Boxed meals

Nuts + seeds

Breakfast cereals

Powdered milk

Cooking oils

Dried spices

Snack bars

Pet food