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Jack Thornton Distinguished Service Award
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This award recognizes an individual for distinguished service, devotion and dedication to the collegiate conference and events profession and to ACCED-I. 

Requirements Include:

  • Any qualified ACCED-I member in good standing may be considered for award nominations.
  • A nominee must have a minimum of ten (10) years membership and service to ACCED-I. 
  • The individual should exhibit strong leadership, visionary and mentor qualities; possess strong professional ethics and principles; and contribute in positive ways to furthering the goals and objectives of ACCED-I. 
  • Qualified candidates must have demonstrated service to the Association through two (2) or more of the following accomplishments:
    • service as an officer or board member at the international level
    • service at the regional level as regional director and other leadership roles at the regional level (e.g. regional drive-in host/organizer, etc.)
    • service as a committee chair/action team leader
    • exemplary volunteer service at the regional and international levels
  • Current board members are ineligible for award.  Board members completing their service may be nominated for this award. 


Award nomination deadline is December 13, 2019.

Nomination Form

If you have any photos or supporting documentation for your nomination, you may attach it here. Only one photo is allowed. Videos are not allowed.