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CCEP Certification
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The Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International, striving to "Achieve Professional Growth and Distinction," has established the ACCED-I Collegiate Conference and Events Professional Certification Program (CCEP). The goal of the CCEP is to provide professionals who work in collegiate conference and event management with a certification program that encourages expanded knowledge through individual inquiry, participation in the profession and the Association.

The ACCED-I CCEP is designed to elevate professional standards, evaluate individual performance, and to recognize those who have reached a very high level of achievement in conference and events management. As a CCEP, successful candidates will demonstrate that they have the desire, determination, and ability to be among the very best in collegiate based conference and events management profession.

Increased Professional Stature

In this time of increasing demands and competition, earning the CCEP will be a vital tool for success and recognition in the conference and events management field. The CCEP is a mark of distinction throughout the profession offering a wide range of important benefits.

CCEP Certification
  • is ACCED-I's official designation of professional knowledge and maturity
  • identifies professional standards for collegiate conference and events management
  • conveys recognition of education and achievement among professional peers
  • improves opportunities for better positions and higher wages
  • increases professional credibility and respect
  • further inspires a high standard of professional conduct and performance
  • instills client confidence

CCEP recipients recognized at 39th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on March 26, 2019. 
Pictured from left: Karen Nedbal, ACCED-I Executive Director; Carly Jade Burt, CCEP; Florine Postell, CCEP; Krystal Grace, CCEP; Michele Payne, CCEP; and Erica Spencer, CCEP, CCEP Action Team Chair.