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CCEP Certified
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The following individuals have successfully achieved CCEP Certification:
Monica Acevedo Soto, CCEP 
Mary Kay Baker, CCEP
Jon Baldessari, CCEP
Gerald Becker, CCEP 
Debbie Blackstock, CCEP
Ouidad Bounama, CCEP
Dezarai Brubaker, CCEP
Scott Brunsting, CCEP
Connie Castellano, CCEP
Tammi K. Clanton, CCEP
Ashley Clement, CCEP, CMP
Patrick J.H.L. Cornelissen, CCEP
Diane D'Alexander, CCEP
Deanna DePenti, CCEP
Karryn Doyle, CCEP
Katie Dunford, CCEP
Brenda Durling, CCEP
Sharifa "Sherry" Ebrahimi, CCEP 
Mary Jacqueline Erel, CCEP
Suzette Escobar, CCEP
Felina Freeman, CCEP
Laurin M. Gierman, CCEP 
Maria Giggy, CCEP
Sarah Goodrich, CCEP  
Tony Gray, CCEP
Nikole Halaka, CCEP
Nanci Hardwick, CCEP
Kent Hilton, CCEP
Sherry Hodgkinson Phillips, CCEP 
Matthew Jauregui,  CCEP
Krysta N. Kasinski, CCEP
Ashok Kaushik, CCEP
Kathleen A. Kelly, CCEP
Belinda Kenny, CCEP
Julie Kieffer, CCEP
Emily Klein, CCEP 
Susan Knick, CCEP  
Katherine Kollar-Valovage, CCEP
Lois Kubinak, CCEP
Tami Lee, CCEP
Donna Longwell Sully, CCEP
Heidi Mackowski, CCEP
Libby Magill, CCEP  
Melissa Manning, CCEP
Walton K. Martin, CCEP 
Mariellynn Maurer, CCEP 
Abigail C. McGhee, CCEP 
Brittany Ann Milan, CCEP
PJ Moffett, CCEP  
Elizabeth A. Morin, CCEP 
Jennifer Newsom, CCEP
Mary Kay Ohaneson-Laughton, CCEP
Matthew Olson, CCEP
Debra Orr-Alfeo, CCEP  
Sue Parrigin, CCEP 
Christina Patarino, CCEP
Barbara Ann Pierpont, CCEP
Heather Rappaport, CCEP
Barbara Romano, CCEP
Nathaniel X. Ross, CCEP 
Lisa Salazar, CCEP
Judy Seymour, CCEP
Cheryl Shank, CCEP
Suzanne Shaw, CCEP
Erica Lynn Spencer, CCEP, CMP
Vicki Sussman, CCEP
Lashonda Taylor, CCEP
Matthew Taylor, CCEP
Katie Thies, CCEP
Kristen J. Turcotte, CCEP
Elodie Vigneron, CCEP
Kathy Walters, CCEP, CMP
Margene Weiss, CCEP
Linda Sue Welch, CCEP
Catherine White, CCEP
Cynthia Winowiecki, CCEP
Michelle Wu, CCEP
Jerry Yeatts, CCEP
Cindy Zapata, CCEP
Pamela Zemore, CCEP


CCEP recipients recognized at 38th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN, March 19, 2018.
Pictured from left: Pamela Zemore, CCEP, Karryn Doyle,, CCEP, Karen Nedbal, ACCED-I Executive Director; Suzette Escobar , CCEP, and Brittany Milan, CCEP,