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CCEP Emeritus Status
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Emeritus status is an honorary status for CCEPs who have been actively certified and then retire from the field.  Emeritus Status will allow a CCEP to maintain status without future recertification.
A CCEP is eligible for emeritus status if the following requirements are met:

- CCEP is at least 60 years of age
- CCEP designation is currently in good standing (i.e. cannot be lapsed or expired)
- CCEP has held designation for no less than five years
- Retired from full-time employment in the industry (i.e. cannot work more than 20 hours per week for compensation)
How to Apply for Emeritus Status:

- Submit a letter of application stating why you want to keep your CCEP designation and how it has helped you in your professional life.
- The year of your retirement, position title and employment contact information
- Proof of age (i.e. copy of driver’s license)
- Application fee of $200