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CCEP Recertification
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As a Collegiate Conference and Events Professional (CCEP), designees have demonstrated excellence in the field. To maintain the CCEP designation, ACCED-I requires all designees to recertify every three (3) years by completing requirements in education, experience and service to the industry, and paying a modest recertification fee.
Recertification demonstrates your continued dedication to maintaining a comprehensive, standardized body of practitioner knowledge in a rapidly changing higher education related profession. Recertification/ continuing professional development will occur via ACCED-I and industry involvement, determined by the CCEP Action Team. Recertification requirements in education, professional endeavors and service are outlined below; no workbook is required.
If however, you have allowed your recertification to completely lapse, (except under extenuating circumstances), you will then be required to re-apply and pay the CCEP application fee (in effect at that time). 
The three year period begins on March 31 of the year you receive your CCEP designation.  For example: those receiving an award in March 2017, the three-year certification window would begin March 31, 2017 and end March 31, 2020; those receiving in 2018 would be recertified by March 31, 2021 etc.     For this transition year only, all current CCEPs would begin their recertification period on 3/31/2017 and be due on 3/31/2020.
All completed requirements will be submitted together with payment.

A. You must participate in a minimum of twelve (12) educational hours that directly benefit a collegiate conference and events professional. These educational hours should relate directly to the collegiate conference and events field. Sessions must be distributed as follows:

  1. Sessions at ACCED-I Annual Conferences (maximum of 12 hours)
  2. Sessions at ACCED-I Educational Forums (maximum of 12 hours)
  3. Web-based, regional drive-in presentation workshops or other ACCED-I professional development opportunities (maximum of 12 hours)
  4. On-site or web-based educational sessions at another professional meeting related to collegiate conference and events (maximum of 4 hours)
  5. Credit bearing or noncredit college level courses in conference and events related field (maximum of 3 hours)
  6. Informal sessions such as P2P Conversations, drive-in luncheons and roundtables do not qualify.
Reporting Procedure:
Provide a description of the sessions attended.   Include the following information in the session description: title, sponsoring entity, site of session, date, length, name of presenter and a short paragraph describing the session with reference to a benefit received by attending.
B. You must complete at least two (2) of the following professional endeavors. Candidates may complete the same option for both endeavors.
  1. Write and have published an educational article for ACCED-I Connect – must contact Lori at for parameters
  2. Present a session at the ACCED-I Annual Conference or an ACCED-I Educational Forum.
  3. Present a session at a conference/meeting for an industry-related organization.
  4. Complete the ACCED-I benchmarking survey and submit a summary on what you learned about your operation and overall feedback on the survey
  5. Receive an ACCED-I award and/or nomination
  6. Publish an article in a professional journal related to hospitality, conferences or events.
  7. Counts as two (2) endeavors:  Participate in a CAS Self-Assessment of your conference and events program.
  8. Counts as two (2) endeavors: At a college/university, teach a course in a hospitality-related major or field.
  9. Counts as two (2) endeavors: Within the recertification time frame, complete an additional degree related to the fields of conferences, events or hospitality.
Reporting Procedure:
For a session presentation: Submit copies of the proposal, program handouts (if applicable), date and location of the presentation.
For articles: Submit a copy of the article and the publish date.
C. You must serve a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of volunteer service to ACCED-I Association in some significant capacity. Volunteer service may include, but is not limited to:
- Board Member,
- Regional Director/Regional Director-Elect,
- Educational Forum Host or Regional Drive-in Workshop Host
- Action Team Chair,
- Member of Action Team
- Annual Conference Volunteer
- For the CCEP Program: be a workbook grader or CCEP candidate mentor
Reporting Procedure:
Write a brief one page summary of your service to the Association, including number of hours for each different service activity.
D.  All CCEPs who are approved for recertification will receive written notification.
E.  Fees for recertification
  1. Regular recertification by the deadline:  The fee is $125.00. 
  2. Late recertification by June 30 (3 month grace period): The fee is $200.
  3. Lapsed certification: After the June 30 deadline, you will forfeit your CCEP designation, and must cease and desist all usage of that designation. Expired CCEPs are required to re-apply for certification, complete all requirements and pay the CCEP application fee (in effect at that time) to regain legal use of the CCEP designation.