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Be a Contributor
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Enhance your professional development by contributing to ACCED-I educational content. Donate documents to the eLibrary, present educational sessions at events, submit how-to and best practices articles for online publications, or share your experiences in the Communities of Practice.

Donate Documents to the eLibrary
The ACCED-I eLibrary is a collection of information pertaining to conference and event management. The information is made up of items donated by members of ACCED-I and partner organizations.

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Present Educational Sessions at Events

Members have the opportunity to present at ACCED-I Annual Conferences, Educational Forums, and regional events. Watch your email for more information or contact us.

Be a Writer
Share your experiences and expertise, how-to, and best practices articles by writing for ACCED-I Connect or the ACCED-I blog.

  • The article can be of your choosing. If you have trouble thinking of a topic, please see the list below.
  • Article length should be around 1200 - 1500 words. If it is longer than 2000 words, it may be divided into a two part article.
  • Submit as a word document to the Communications & Marketing Manager by email here, or fill out the form below.
  • Please include a photo of yourself that you would like to use at the end of the article with your name, title, institution, and contact information. If desired, you can submit a short bio (100 words or less) to include at the end of the article.
  • Please include photos of conference/event or facilities if possible.
  • Once the article is submitted if major changes are needed you will be contacted for revisions.
  • The article will be published in the next available newsletter or blog post

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Share Your Experiences in the Communities of Practice
ACCED-I’s Communities of Practice support the mission and members of the Association in several ways. Communities of Practice allow ACCED-I members to access information and resources in a specific area of interest, to participate in the creation of best practices and knowledge in these areas and to build a network of colleagues who are interested in the same topics.  

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