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One-Stop Shop Certification
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One-Stop Shop
One-Stop Shop Certification is the industry’s premier resource for defining and identifying conforming college and university campus venues. A certified One-Stop Shop operation provides the most effective planning atmosphere to successfully stage a collegiate conference or event.
Certification assures all parties offer the following:
  • One contact through which a planner may secure all university services
  • One contract that covers all services the planner will receive from the university
  • One bill (itemized) for all services provided by the university

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Why certify?

This certification program, administered by ACCED-I, meets a growing demand among meeting planners for a sure and easy way of identifying one-stop shop collegiate conferencing operations. Certification makes a statement that your services more closely match the level of service provided by convention facilities and finer hotels. Meeting planners will know with confidence which collegiate operations can deliver on the promise of “one contact, one contract and one bill."
Certified institutions are featured on the ACCED-I Certified One-Stop Shop web page. In addition, certified institutions will benefit from public recognition and from the process of independent review of practices by the only Association dedicated exclusively to collegiate conferences and events management.

Certification Process

  • Submit the application with certification fee ($150/year for members $300/year for nonmembers) to ACCED-I; check payable to ACCED-I or credit card information provided on the application form. 
  • Applicant receives email notification that their application has been received, outlines the review process and expected date of review completion – applications will be reviewed and completed within 60 days of receipt at the ACCED-I office.
  • ACCED-I reviews application for completeness and determines if criteria have been met. If criteria are met, certification is approved.
  • If application is turned down, ACCED-I will notify the applicant of the decision and reason for the denial - suggestions may be offered to work on over the next three months to meet criteria. If the applicant can submit documentation to demonstrate changes have been implemented to meet criteria within three months from notification, the applicant does not have to re-apply and pay the certification fee.
  • Successful applicants will receive an approval letter, press release, electronic certification logos to use on materials and website, and a certificate for display.  In addition, certified institutions will be listed on the ACCED-I website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, what are the minimal criteria to be considered for certification? 
One contact, one contract and one bill for these four services offered: meeting space, dining or catering, AV, and lodging (if available on your campus and required by the program).
Why does ACCED-I advocate for one-stop shops? 
Every collegiate organization operates in its own way. While some institutions have complex, decentralized organizational structures, ACCED-I believes that a one-stop shop is the most customer-friendly way to offer visiting groups the services of your campus.
How much does it cost?
Certification is $150 per year. Certification is required every five years. Each year in between initial certification and the five year re-certification time you must complete a self certification form and pay the annual fee of $150. 
Does this certification guarantee quality of service? 
No. The program attempts only to certify adherence to the one-stop shop practice. Service-level and quality arrangements are not criteria for this certification.
How long is certification valid?
Certification is valid for five years. However, each year a self certification and the annual fee of $150 must be submitted in order for the certification to remain valid.
What does one contact mean? 
One contact means your client’s arrangements will be handled through one department and with only one individual. Required services under the certification “umbrella” must include: 1) meeting space, 2) dining service and/or catering, 3) audio visual services, and 4) lodging (if required by the program).
What colleges and universities are eligible for One-Stop Shop certification? Is it limited to member schools of ACCED-I? 
No. Any accredited institution of higher learning anywhere in the world may apply for certification, regardless of professional association membership. Fees are higher for non-members.



Appeal & Dispute Process

If an application is turned down, the applicant can appeal the decision. The appeal request must be in writing and may include additional documentation to demonstrate that the institution meets the criteria. The appeal will be reviewed by ACCED-I. If it’s determined the criteria have been met, steps above will be followed.If the appeal is denied, the applicant will be notified and invited to work on the specific areas and may re-apply in six months. The initial application fee will not be refunded.
If a client of a certified ACCED-I One-Stop Shop notifies ACCED-I that he/she believes the operation is not operating as a one-stop shop, staff will ask the client to put their complaint in writing and give specific examples of how the operation did not function as a one-stop shop. ACCED-I will review the complaint to determine if the complaint is valid. If yes, ACCED-I will notify the primary contact for the certified ACCED-I One-Stop Shop of the complaint and a note will be put in their record regarding the complaint. This will be put in writing and sent to the operation in dispute. If the corrective course of action is not completed by the agreed upon date, the certification will be revoked. Staff will follow up with the client to inform them of the course of action.