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Presenter Resources
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Thank you for presenting at the ACCED-I 38th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Below are some resources to help make your presentation successful!

Presentation Template

We are providing a PowerPoint template which includes the 38th Annual Conference icon and Twitter hashtag. > Download

If you use presentation software other than PowerPoint, you may include the Twitter hashtag #accedi2018 and the 38th Annual Conference icon somewhere in your presentation. To download, right click on icon and select Save image as


Topic Expert Sessions

These sessions are designed to be a broadly focused discussion/ Q&A session on one area.  The goal is to have attendees ask specific questions, discuss best practices, get ideas, brainstorm, etc.  Obviously, you may not have every answer to every question and we don’t expect you to, so please refer people to others you know who may be helpful, or give guidance on where they might find the answer.  Also, there may be times when there is a lull in the discussion, so it may be valuable for you to have a handful of hot topics, facts, or ideas that you can draw from if the conversation is slow in an effort to create and guide some valuable dialogue.  


You do not need to bring a formal PowerPoint for presentation, however, if you have specific items you wish to prepare or bring (samples of materials, contracts, documents, photographs, etc.) you are more than welcome to do so. Additionally, you may want to visit the ACCED-I resource e-library to familiarize yourself with documents available to members there.  Also, please do be sure to bring a stack of business cards or your email address to share as people may have follow-up questions for you.  


Presenter Tips

Here are some helpful tips for presenters. > Download


Social Media

  The official hashtag for the ACCED-I 38th Annual Conference is #accedi2018.


 In addition to the ACCED-I Facebook page, the 38th Annual Conference also has a Facebook Event page. Please be sure to join and post to both!
> ACCED-I Facebook page
> ACCED-I 38th Annual Conference page

If you would like to tell your colleagues and friends on social media that you are presenting at the ACCED-I 38th Annual Conference we encourage you to use this graphic.To download, right click on icon and select Save image as.