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Proposed Bylaws
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Dear ACCED-I Members:

Over the years the Association's bylaws have been revised numerous times without a truly thorough review of the complete document. At the direction of the Executive Committee the bylaws were reviewed by professional association consulting firm, Leading Associations. Following this review, replacement bylaws were drafted using best practices with guidance and recommendations from Leading Associations.

At the end of last week the Board of Directors met at ACCED-I Headquarters in Ft Collins, CO for our annual fall meeting. During this meeting, the Directors reviewed and debated the document and with a unanimous vote we chose to adopt these replacement bylaws. These new bylaws are relevant and reflect best current governance practices, ACCED-I culture and processes, while ensuring legal compliance with Colorado state law.

This is a huge endeavor to continue ACCED-I’s forward progress.

Please review the proposed bylaws which will replace the current bylaws.

As with all Board bylaw actions, notice of all amendments, alterations or repeal of the bylaws or adoption of new bylaws shall be given to the voting members of the Association within 15 days of the Board action. If at least 10% of the voting members wish to override the action of the Board concerning such amendment, alteration, repeal or adoption, such members shall submit a signed petition requesting a membership vote to override the Board’s decision within 30 days after notice of the Board’s decision is sent to the membership. Upon confirmation by the Recording Secretary of the Association that the necessary percentage of members has signed the petition, the Board of Directors shall submit the matter to the membership for a vote at the next Annual Meeting. If a majority of the membership entitled to vote thereon votes to override the Board’s action, the amendment, alternation, repeal or adoption shall not become effective. In the event that no such petition is filed, the bylaw amendment, alteration or repeal shall become effective upon expiration of the period for members to petition for the written ballot.

Please direct any questions to

Jim Hodges
ACCED-I Board of Directors President

Phone: 919-660-1761  |