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Educational Forum Scholarships
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Event Management Scholarship Sponsor Event Technology Scholarship Sponsor


Event Technology Forum - Scholarships Still Available

Thanks to our sponsors, scholarships are being offered for the upcoming Event Management and Event Technology ACCED-I Virtual Educational Forums.  One scholarship per region will be awarded for each forum, for a total of 10 scholarships.

Three scholarships remain for the Event Technology Forum sponsored by MarchingOrder. Five scholarships have been awarded for the Event Management Forum thanks to Mazevo.

  • Scholarship awards are for one full registration
  • Scholarships are non-transferable and are available only to members of the Association in good standing
  • Scholarships are awarded based upon the following priorities:
    - Financial need
    - Service to the Association
    - Service to the profession
  • Recipients are required to attend a virtual meet and greet with the sponsor

Deadline to apply is Friday, October 23, 2020.

Not sure which Region you are in? Click here.

Scholarship Application for Event Technology:

I understand that the basis for the scholarship is financial need. I hereby apply to ACCED-I for a scholarship based upon the inability of my institution to pay the registration fee. I understand that the scholarship pays only for my personal registration fee and is non-transferable to any other professional development opportunity, including future Educational Forums. I understand that I am limited to one Educational Forum scholarship during my ACCED-I membership. I agree that I meet all the guidelines for application.

One letter of recommendation is also required in addition to your application. The recommendation letter should be limited to only one page in length and include:

1) What their relationship is to you and for how long they have known you
2) What qualities they believe you bring to your position, the industry and/or the Association
3) What makes you, in their opinion, deserving of the scholarship

Potential resources for recommendation letters: ACCED-I leaders and members, colleagues on campus, supervisors, former professors, and those you volunteer with.