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Social Networking with ACCED-I
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Long before the days of social media and virtual networking, ACCED-I was bringing people together to accomplish common goals, share expertise and positively impact the collegiate conference & events industry.

Technological advances now give us the opportunity to continue to build our networks and accomplish the goals that ACCED-I has been successfully working toward for over 30 years. Facebook is a free online service that creates opportunities for professionals to connect with colleagues, classmates, and friends.


ACCED-I members can stay connected with ACCED-I with these social networking groups!



Like us on Facebook and check out what is happening in the Association and the collegiate conference and events industry!  

In addition to the ACCED-I Facebook page, each region has it's own page. Join your regional Facebook group to stay informed on regional happenings and regional colleagues. 

Region 1   |  Region 2   |   Region 3   |   Region 4   |   Region 5

Facebook groups are intended for current ACCED-I members only.



 Join the ACCED-I LinkedIn group and receive updates on current trends and industry news.

The LinkedIn group is for collegiate conference and events industry professionals.


     Tweet with us and get new ideas and tips to improve your conferences and events.


    Follow us on Instagram to see the latest updates on Association and member events.


Social Networking Guidelines

ACCED-I believes in fostering a thriving online community and supports social networking as a valuable component of shared media. ACCED-I’s Social Networking Guidelines have been developed for ACCED-I and the members who use ACCED-I’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click here to read ACCED-I Social Networking Guidelines.

Job Postings

Please note: Jobs should NOT be posted on the ACCED-I regional social networking groups unless they have also been posted in the online Career Center.