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Strategic Plan
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To ensure the continued development and growth of the Association, the ACCED-I Board of Directors met in Fort Collins, Colorado on October 2 and 3, 2015 to develop a strategic plan for ACCED-I.  Building on the Advancing ACCED-I initiative and with a strong future in mind, goals and objectives were developed. To provide data for strategic decision-making, highlights from the following pre-retreat research were presented to the participants:

  • Advancing ACCED-I Review
  • ACCED-I Membership Survey
  • ACCED-I Board member interviews
The focus of the retreat was to engage in strategic thinking, laying the ground work for prioritizing strategic focus and goals.  Discussion surrounded the following topics:
  • Guiding principles
  • ACCED-I strategic lens (Mission/Vision)
  • Background work - review and discussion of all pre-retreat research
  • “What’s next” discussion
  • Prioritize
  • Establish objectives, timelines and accountability
  • Guidelines for execution
Strategic Focus Areas 
After deliberation, the board established four areas of strategic focus moving forward (in order of importance):

1. Strategic Focus Area: Education Plan
Be the leader in providing year-round multi-platform educational offerings on topics of industry relevance. 
Key Objectives
  • Define educational offerings
  • Create an integrated educational plan
  • Redesign CCEP to create an official certification program, similar to other industry certifications  (e.g. CMP, CSEP)

2. Strategic Focus Area: Enhanced Services 
Create quality, real-time and customizable resources and services to enhance the member experience. 
Key Objectives
  • Determine which member services to consider
  • Develop a technology plan to enhance the user experience
3. Strategic Focus area: Strategic Partnerships
Develop strategic partnerships to advance visibility, prominence, and enhance membership value. 
Key Objective
  • Identify and establish reciprocal relationships with allied organizations for information sharing
4. Strategic Focus Area: Governance Review
Establish an effective leadership model with clearly defined roles and expectations. 
Key Objective
  • Evaluate and refine all current leadership roles and responsibilities