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Strategic Plan
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To ensure the continued development and growth of the Association, the ACCED-I Board of Directors met in Minneapolis, Minnesota in March 2018 to develop new strategic goals for ACCED-I. 

Strategic Focus Areas 
After deliberation, the board established three areas of strategic focus moving forward:

1. Strategic Focus Area: Diversify Membership
Define the broad membership market we want to reach, identify the demographics within it that we can/should reasonably serve, and provide specific value to those segments. 
Key Objectives
  • Gather demographic data from existing membership
  • Utilize data to determine what benefits are valued/needed
  • Identify, define, and communicate the intangible benefits of ACCED-I membership and participation

2. Strategic Focus Area: Improve Visibility and Branding
Create a brand recognition and visibility program for the association's membership to address the following, using a broad spectrum of communications strategies:
1. Membership Value
2. Association membership subject matter expertise
3. Value of the profession
Key Objectives
Articles on SMEs that present at the Annual Conference, Educational Forums, and at sister organization events and communicate out through various methods
Work with our corporate members through the CAC to provide insight on their strategies for branding and visibility

3. Strategic Focus area: Increase Member Engagment
Identify member participation needs and provide opportunities for member engagement. 
Key Objectives
Create a survey instrument for membership
Evaluate data and propose next steps