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Student Development
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Looking for professional growth opportunities in the field of conference and events? ACCED-I has launched this Student Resource Center to help you find resources including one-on-one professional advice, resume reviews, sample documents and more! ACCED-I has created a network of professionals who are eager to see you become the next leading professional.

Vanessa Bak is a student member of ACCED-I and was recently awarded a regional scholarship that will allow her to attend the Annual Conference.  She currently has an assistantship with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program at Ohio University. In the summer of 2018 she had a summer practicum with Conference and Event Services that has changed her life.

How did/does your ACCED-I student membership help you advance in your career?

The ACCED-I student membership gave me the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend the Annual Conference in Providence. Since I am currently in Ohio, travel to Providence requires a flight, and the scholarship to attend the Conference was a big help. I am excited to meet other folks passionate about conferences and events on college campuses. more


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