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Volunteer Opportunities
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ACCED-I is a volunteer driven organization and seeks enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who are willing to provide time, feedback, and ideas to further the Association. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help move the Association and the industry forward. In addition, you will get the chance to develop professionally and make lasting connections with your peers.
Regional Involvement

There are numerous opportunities available within your region to get involved. Each area will work closely with the regional leadership to accomplish a variety of tasks and better serve the membership.

Action Team Member

Action Teams help move the Association toward its goals. Each Action Team consists of an ACCED-I staff liaison, an appointed Chairperson and volunteer members.

Committee Member

Committees are formed for short-term projects or to evaluate the need to develop action with regards to specific subjects.

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Be a Writer

Do you love to write? Consider writing an article for ACCED-I Connect or the ACCED-I Blog. Topics related to conference and events management can be of your choosing, or we can provide you with some ideas.

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Be a Contributor

Enhance your professional development by contributing to ACCED-I educational content. Donate documents to the eLibrary, present educational sessions at events, submit how-to and best practices articles for online publications, or share your experiences in the Communities of Practice.

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ACCED-I leadership is comprised of a Board of Directors and Regional Leaders. An election is conducted each fall when ACCED-I members choose their elected leaders. Watch for further information this fall.